Relaxation Room & Park Veranda

Considering the effect of the various spa facilities on your body, it is important to alternate sauna sessions with moments of rest. To do so, head to Fontana Bad Nieuweschans’s wonderful relaxation pavilion. Here you can recover from your sauna session in a comfortable deck chair, relishing your spa experience. The relaxed atmosphere and the unique facilities at the relaxation pavilion will ensure a pleasant break in your spa day.

Relaxation pavilion

The relaxation pavilion houses the relax lounge, the silence area and the lavender room. Guests are requested to wear a bathrobe to the relaxion pavilion.

Relax lounge

Lie back on our large, comfortable lounge sofa with a magazine from our selection, or watch the fish float in the large aquarium.

Silence area

This space will allow you to find yourself in complete silence. There are comfortable deck chairs surrounding a hearth, as well as a few hot waterbeds. Nod off for a bit or enjoy catching some shuteye...

Lavender room

In the lavender room, guests are comfortably cocooned in the fragrance and colour of lavender. Every 10 minutes, a basket with heated lava stones is immersed in a hot water and lavender oil bath, producing light steam and filling the room with a lovely lavender fragrance. The pleasant warmth and lavender oil have a calming effect.




Park Veranda

While you are looking out on the Bathrobe park you can really relax in one of the chairs. You can also choose for a floating bed wich will let you relax even more! The Park Veranda is open daily from 9.30 till 22.30 o'clock.






Thermal Pool sunbathing area

In the event of good weather, enjoy the sun and fresh air on our terrace and sunbathing area. The terrace is next to the Brasserie. On the terrace, drinks and dishes are served at your table or brought to you in your deck chair.


Open sauna space

As part of the Sauna Pavilion, there is an open sauna space near the Balneo pool, with great relaxing chairs for reading or catching some shuteye (bathrobes mandatory).

Sauna garden sunbathing area

You will find deck chairs in various places in the garden, in the sun and shade. You can use these chairs with or without bathrobe. For the adjacent terrace bathrobes are required. Naturally, there is a terrace menu with a selection of snacks and beverages. 
The sauna garden also has a pretty sun lounge with deck chairs and waterbeds. A wonderful place to repose, come rain or shine.

Hearth pavilion

Lie back in a bear chair and recover from your sauna session in the restful surroundings of our hearth pavilion atmosphere, located in the middle of the sauna garden.

Bathrobe park

Weather permitting, take a leisurely walk or relax in a hammock or bear chair in Bathrobe park. Just getting away from it all ...



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