Bathrobe park

From 1 April - 31 October, the twenty-five acre park behind our resort is open exclusively and free of charge to all Fontana Bad Nieuweschans guests. With this exclusive offer, our guests have the option of enjoying a stroll or walk in this beautifully constructed gated park, as an intermezzo in their visit to our resort. Enjoy the peace and quiet, the plants and trees, and the various ‘features’ found in this park.

Ernst Casimir van Nassau spring

The water in the Thermal Pool is pumped from the well in Bathrobe Park. You will find a likeness of Ernst Casimir van Nassau there.

Barefoot path

A ‘barefoot path’ runs along parts of the walking route. This path allows our guests to experience the sensation of various surfaces under their bare feet. Going barefoot means doing without the usual support of your shoes. This, in addition to the unevenness of the various natural surfaces, exercises the muscles of the feet and lower legs, and improves balance.


Relax and exercise

Relax in our hammocks or take the sporty route, on one of the fitness machines stationed in the park. Or enjoy our wonderful water from up on our plank bridge.


All sorts of birds nestle in the park for which we have provided birdhouses. For birdspotting, the information board offers a guide listing the various types.

Bathrobe Park is about relaxation, and inspiration - taking you back to the source, in every sense. Ad Fontem!



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