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Fontana Bad Nieuweschans does everything to make your stay as complete as possible. For this reason several (free) activities have been organised daily. With these, your stay will have an extra experience which makes the stay unforgettable.


In the thermal bath, Water Balance exercises are held frequently. This water gymnastic is extremely relaxing and very good for your physical condition. The temperature and minerals in the water ensure you will not have muscular pain afterwards. Water Balance is not only healthy, but also fun to do.

Lavender ceremony

The ceremony in the lavender room is a must for your rest. Relax optimally and enjoy the lavender! Experience it yourself and be surprised.


Sauna rituals

During the sauna rituals, a mixture of ethereal oils and water will be poured on the hot sauna heater. As a result, a delicious fragrance will spread into the cabin, the humidity will rise and it will feel as the temperature also rises. 

The employee will distribute the cabin air by waving a towel (or birch twigs). A sauna ritual does not only increase the sauna effect, for the spoiled sauna visitors it is also a must to enjoy this show. If you first want to know if a sauna ritual is something you will enjoy, you can participate in the honey ritual. Next to a smooth skin, obtained by rubbing your skin in with honey, a small pouring will be done.

Steambath ritual

During this ritual, no water will be poured on the heater, since the humidity is sufficiently high. Our employees will nevertheless make you sweat firmly. As they wave with a wet towel, it feels like the temperate is steadily increasing. During this ritual, one can rub itself in with a honey lotion, which makes your skin soft. One will also receive a nice cup of tea with honey. If you want to participate in this ritual, please subscribe at the saunabar (only on the day of execution itself).

Herb & singing bowls ceremony

In a herb & singing bowls ceremony, one of our employees diffuses a wonderful fragrance in the herbal sauna and tells you more about the herb used; lavender, anise, rosemary or mint. Allow yourself to drift away to the sound of the singing bowls. At the end of the ceremony, guests are offered a small treat containing the herb of the day. A can’t-miss ceremony!


The above mentioned activities will take place on a daily basis in different facilities of cure centre Fontana Bad Nieuweschans.

Activity Programme


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