Rheumatism treatments

Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans has been active in developing medical treatments since 1986, which take place under the guidance of doctors and physiotherapists. The rheumatism treatments have been especially formulated for people with a rheumatic disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev’s disease) or psoriatic arthritis. Treatments cannot heal a rheumatic disorder. However it can be a valuable supplement to the regular treatments for people with chronic posture and musculoskeletal disorders.


All treatments are based on daily visits to the Thermal bath. Moreover a treatment regimen contains exercise therapy and possibly several other treatments. Repeating of the exercise therapy and the other treatments, combined with resting and bathing, can favourably influence the progress of the rheumatic disorder. Researchers investigated the process and it became clear that after treatment the pain decreased and mobility and vitality increased. This so-called `cure effect' can continue on average 3 up to 6 months.

There are both long-stay and outpatient treatments.
Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans offers three types of long-stay rheumatism treatments:

  • 10-days rheumatism treatment (rheumatism compact plus treatment)
  • 8-days rheumatism treatment (rheumatism compact treatment)

Outpatient treatments

The outpatient treatments take place one morning per week in groups in Fontana Bad Nieuweschans. For rheumatoid arthritis / psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev’s disease), there are outpatient treatments throughout the year. For fibromyalgie the treatment start in February and August and take place during 18 successive weeks.

Contents of multiple day rheumatism treatments

Day of arrival:

  • Welcome and explanation of treatment
  • Lunch buffet (before or after the explanation)
  • After lunch check-in to the hotel room
  • Interview with the treating doctor and the physiotherapist

Daily program during the treatment:

  • Lavish breakfast (7.30-10.30 o’clock)
  • Social guidance in the morning
  • Exercise therapy in the Balneo bath or in the fitness area under the guidance accompaniment of a physiotherapist (not on the day of arrival and departure)
  • Unlimited use of the Thermal bath and the rest room
  • Unlimited access to the sauna square (undressed)
  • Average one cure treatment per day
  • Free use of the fitness area(13.00-22.45 o’clock)
  • Lunch (12.00-14.00 o’clock)
  • 2-Course diner (18.00 o’clock)
  • Unlimited use of the coffee- and tea buffet in the lounge.

Day of departure:

  • Breakfast
  • Check-out before 11.00 o’clock in the morning
  • Home exercise program
  • Exit consultation with the treating doctor (sometimes the day before departure).


During your cure treatment it is important to take sufficient rest between the exercise therapy, bathing, visiting the sauna and other cure treatments. Because many treatments and cure facilities have a warming function, your body needs time to return to natural balance and to its own body temperature. To avoid making the cure too intensive, you will get one cure treatment a day on average. During the reception interview, the cure doctor will look at your condition, physical health and progress of your rheumatic disorder. Then based on medical grounds, a cure treatment package is prescribed. This treatment package consists of several cure treatments such as a manual massage, a moor packing, CVT massage, Thalasso therapy or a Spa vital bath. Modifications to this treatment schedule only take place exclusively upon medical reasons and can only be carried out by the cure doctor. If necessary, a temporary consultation with the treating doctor is possible.


During the cure you spend the night in ****Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans, which is directly linked to the cure centre. When you arrive you will find a bathrobe in your hotel room. It is possible to walk in your bathrobe to the cure centre. All non-smoking rooms of this pleasant hotel are equipped with bath/shower, toilet, telephone, colour television, mini bar, blow-dryer and a balcony or terrace. On application there are rooms available for disabled persons. If necessary, extra adaptations to the room are possible (toilet raiser, lay on-mattresses, non-slipping mat etc.).


Register long-stay rheumatism cure treatment

If you want to take part in one of the long-stay cure treatments, we recommend you to reserve in advance. You can contact Fontana Bad Nieuweschans for your reservation or for further information about the rheumatism treatments, tel.: +31(0)597-527773 (Monday until Friday from 9.00 till 12.00 o’clock) or send an e-mail to medisch@fontananieuweschans.nl.

You can also download here the details form. Return fully completed to:
Fontana Bad Nieuweschans
Attention: Medical secretariat
Postbus 44

First inquire at Fontana Bad Nieuweschans if the cure treatment of your choice is still available.



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