Detox Week

Why do a detox week?

Everything in life is about coordination and balance. It is, in other words, about coordinating and balancing all levels of our physical and mental system - our body, our emotions and our mind. But this applies to how we relate to those around us as well. Whether we are aware of it or not, in caring for ourselves, we look for balance in exercise, diet, sleeping patterns and sexuality. We try to structure our lives, through yoga or meditation, and in interaction with those around us.

It can be quite beneficial to pay extra attention to the body and mind from time to time, in addition to your usual care. We regularly service a car for maintenance to prevent damage. In the same vein it is logical and necessary to maintain our own physical and mental system. As self-evident as this may seem, we still don’t get around to paying that extra attention to ourselves in the midst of our busy daily lives.
Participating in a Detox Week is an effective way of taking good care of the body and mind:
- To help you recover during or after a period of illness
- To help you recover from or prevent emotional stress
- Because we simply wish to give ourselves what we need the most: rest, recovery, transformation or time to reflect.

Fasting and cleansing gives the immune system a major boost. Fasting periodically to restore and replenish the body has been done for centuries. Fasting releases stored toxins from the organs and tissues. During the Detox Week, your body is stimulated to secrete these toxins.
In addition, the Detox offers plenty of opportunities for inner reflection. It will give you a chance to see whether you use too much energy, or too little, for example. Or perhaps you will realise that your energy is best allocated elsewhere. This approach of cleansing, secretion, stimulation and reflection is a step towards taking responsibility for your own health.

About the week: how and why
You will be staying at the comfortable Fontana Bad Nieuweschans wellness resort. There is a daily programme that may be tailored to your special needs, if you wish.
The Thermal Pool’s warm, mineral-rich water helps the body release its toxins and offers suppletion where there are possible deficiencies. The sauna facilities can help cleanse the body more deeply.
For the necessary exercise, there is a fully equipped fitness area. We also have a wonderfully designed park for exercise in the fresh air.
The programme offers all the time and space you need, plus the option to share your experiences and insights.
Our team consists of a physician, a therapist, a psychologist and a hostess. Focus will be on breathing, exercise and movement, posture, and concentration exercises. Part of the programme is colon hydrotherapy. To allow your digestive organs some rest, only juice and broth will be served during the detox week. In addition to the programme, you can use Fontana’s extensive range of treatments. You can book these appointments separately.


Double room € 1025,- p.p.
Single room € 1150,- p.p.
Early bird discount (3 months) € 100,-
Discount for people younger than 25 years: on request.

Our detox week includes:
- week-long stay at the hotel
- unlimited use of the Thermal Pool and all sauna facilities
- supervision during the detox week
- juices and broth
- daily programme including supervised exercise
- individual where-are-you-now interview
- doctor’s consultation
- daily workshops on diet and Ayurveda
- colon hydrotherapy.
Treatments at the Fontana treatment centre are at your own expense.


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