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Green Key

Both the hotel and Spa at Fontana Bad Nieuweschans have been awarded a golden Green Key. Part of the Green Key is Corporate social responsibility. See our statement below.

For Fontana Bad Nieuweschans, Corporate social responsibility means that we, in addition to the focus on our own activities and interests, also take into account the interests of our stakeholders and the effect our activities have on our surroundings and the environment. For the future, we want to continue our development in the field of CSR.

Fontana Bad Nieuweschans keeps to the following points:
■ We safeguard the continuity of our organisation for all of our stakeholders.
■ We operate as a company within Dutch laws and legislation and are open and transparent about our operations towards supervisory institutions and stakeholders.
■ We initiate and support initiatives that reinforce local (thematic) economy, that contribute to maintaining employment, that combat local ‘down-sizing’ and improve the general quality of life in the village of Bad Nieuweschans.
■ We manage our human resources with the utmost responsibility. We encourage our employees to keep developing personally and professionally, offering training and career opportunities to this purpose.
■ We actively contribute to the development of our area of expertise, both on our own and in collaboration with training institutes, and to the transfer of this knowledge and experience for the use of future and current professionals in our business.
■ We support clean drinking water projects in third-world countries through donations to Simavi and by selling Wellwater products.
Fontana Bad Nieuweschans aims to:
■ Reduce energy use and environmental strain by our company, strongly weighing this in decision making and sales.
■ We are prepared to invest in structural measures that can contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.
■ Part of our procurement policy is that when selecting (raw) materials and services, we take into account whether they are produced in the area and/or supplied by a local party. In addition, environmental or social quality marks also weigh heavily in our decisions.

Bad Nieuweschans, 31 January 2014

Fontana Bad Nieuweschans

Jos W. Keizer



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