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Advice and house rules


Please read all advices and house rules before your visit to Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans.


Since the effect of the facilities of the cure centre, we recommend you to follow the following tips and (medical) advices strictly. In this way, you will make sure that you will enjoy your cure optimally.

Thermal bath and/or Sauna square

• Take enough rest during your cure
• Clothing advice: bath clothing, bath robe and bath flip-flops
• In the brasserie and saunalounge it is obligatory to wear at least a bath robe
• You will make use of the Thermalbath in bath clothing and undressed in the facilities on the sauna square
• At the bath reception, you can rent a bath robe or bath towel and buy flip-flops
- Rent of bath robe € 6,50
- Rent of bath towel € 4,50
- Sales of flip-flops starting € 8,00
• When you have a sensitive skin, we advice you to wash your body and use a bodymilk after bathing in the thermal bath
• We recommend you not to wear any jewellery and new bath clothing in the thermalbath. These can be damaged by the mineral rich spring water. • Fontana Bad Nieuweschans can not be held responsible for this.

Cure treatments

  • Clothing advice: bathrobe and/or dry bathing clothes.
  • You should be present at least 5 minutes before the treatment. If you are late, the treatment may be cancelled.
  • The length of the cure treatments is meant as an indication
  • For an optimal result and to prevent overburdening, it is recommended to rest for one hour after a cure treatment.
  • Give gel- and crème treatments enough time to affect.
  • During curing you will loose a lot of moisture, so make sure you drink enough ( 1 ½ till 2 litres a day)
  • We recommend you to plan your cure treatment (especially pedicure, manicure or a visit to the hairdresser) after using the thermalbath
  • We recommend you to wear no jewellery, since they can damage during the treatments.
  • The minimum age of using the sun banks is 18 years.

Medical advice

  • During pregnancy it is recommended not to bath in the thermalbath during the first three months and from the seventh month on
  • When pregnant, we recommend it to tell this to the treatment officer before starting a cure treatment 
  • We advice not to book a aloe vera packing and moxa theraphy in the Aromatherapy and a Pantai Luar in the Massagestudio
  • Sauna visits in case of a pregnancy in consultation with your family doctor.
  • We discourage sauna visit during the first three months and during the last weeks of the pregnancy
  • If you suffer (specific) physical complaints, please inform the treatment officer before starting a cure treatment
  • Please contact your family doctor in case of hart complaints and with an extremely low or high blood pressure.
  • When suffering acute (hinge) infections, do not make use of a warm moor packing and moor bath and the facilities on the sauna square
  • When suffering infection diseases do not make use of cure programs
  • In case of doubt, always contact your family doctor beforehand


When entering the cure centre, you state that you agree with the below mentioned house rules, and you should live up to them.

Behaviour rules

1.You should follow the tips and instructions of our employees
2.You should behave correctly and keep other guests and our employees in mind
3.Physical contact (hugging, kissing etcetera) is not aloud in the cure centre.
4.Offensive, intimidative, aggressive or illegal behaviour is not aloud and results into removal from the facilities and/or notification at the police
Clothing instructions
5.In the cure centre it is obligatory to make use of a bath robe. In the thermalbath, bathing clothes are obligatory as well. On the sauna square, no bathing clothes are aloud.
6.For hygienic reasons, wearing flip-flops is strongly recommended.
7.We recommend you not to wear any jewellery and new bath clothing in the thermalbath. These can be damaged by the mineral rich spring water.

Safety and responsibility

8.The use of the facilities of Fontana Bad Nieuweschans is completely on own risk
9.You should make use of the facilities on a responsible way
10.We would like to point out that we have camera supervision.
11. It is not in our power to prevent or notice all calamities. Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans and her employees are not responsible for theft, loss and/or damage of your belongings or rented properties.
12.To store your personal belongings we offer you to use a locker. The use of this is on own responsibility. We advice you to take as less as possible valuable belongings with you to/in the cure centre.
13.Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans is not responsible for finding and storage of properties which are left behind. All founded properties will be kept for one month.
14.For general medical advice about the use of the cure facilities and cure treatments we refer to the above mentioned or our brochure. You are adviced to tell previous to the cure treatment relevant medical information to the employee. With specific questions or doubt, you should consult your family doctor.


15. The handed over wristband should be worn around your wrist visibly and can not be given to third parties and should be handed in at the end of your stay at the reception of the cure centre.
16. Bags and objects of ceramic or glass (for example bottles) are not allowed in the bath-, relax-, and sauna facilities.
17. Consuming self brought drinks or food is not allowed.
18. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area of the Brasserie
19. Using towels or other objects to keep seats or facilities occupied for a long time is not allowed.
20. Using a mobile telephone is only aloud at the entrance hall of the cure centre.
21. It is not allowdd to film of take photographs without the permission of the direction.
22. Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans may close facilities or parts of facilities in case of special activities, maintenance or disturbances, without deducting this with the entrance fee.
23. Bronnenbonnen, free entrance cards, discount cards and abbonements can not be traded against cash. Abbonements from which the validity has been reached are not accepted. Coffee coins which are not been used can not been handed in to receive a discount on the entrance fee.
24. On all our made agreements the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (UVH) are applicable. The UVH are binding for everyone who uses our services.
25. All our published information is under restriction. Fontana Resort Bad Nieuweschans remains the right to change the content and prices in between.



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